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Company Introduction

    Waltjun Industrial Inc., a designer and manufacturer for scrapbooking tools, was established in 1997 by its sister company Walter Machine which has over 35-year experiences in hand tools. With the expertise and experiences in mechanical design, Waltjun pioneered the lever paper punches and got related utility patents in 1998. Our punches were soon recognized by the world-famous companies of the industry. Other scrapbooking tools were then developed and many of them were successfully patented.

 Today, Waltjun Industrial Inc. keeps focusing on the scrapbooking and craft industry, and we cooperate with the world-famous companies of the industry in a way of ODM/OEM. Our products have been exported mainly to the USA, and also to Germany, France, Holland, Japan, and etc. To be competitive and meeting customers' demands, we will continue developing inspiring and innovative products for years to come!

Design and Manufactuing Capability

    With our expertise and experiences in mechanical design, we have more than 20 inventions patented. In addition, with many years development, the production in our factory has reached an annual capacity of over 5 million scrapbooking tools with thousands of patterns.


Rapid prototyping machine greatly shortens time-to-market

    To be the winner in the battle to shorten the time for product development, thanks for our rapid prototyping machine Stratasys FDM 400 mc, which takes only a few hours to produce accurate production-quality prototyping parts for our design verification when there are new design ideas - the possibilities are endless.

Company Profile

No. of Employees:150

Area of Factory:84,000 sq. ft.

Certified Quality System:ISO9001

Main Products:Scrapbooking Tools、Craft Punch、ODM/OEM Products

QC Site
Tooling Manufacture, Production, and Assembly
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